Bridges of Hope   (Currently  Under Construction)
Bridges of Hope   (Currently  Under Construction)
Bridges of Hope
Bridges of Hope

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In 2011, a group of men from the area churches around Lynden felt the need to start a faith based transitional home in Northern Whatcom County.   One of the founders, Pastor Joe Strong, who has weekly visited inmates in the Whatcom County jail for the past few years, was disturbed by the recidivism he observed as many of inmates who were released had no where to go other than to return to their own neighborhoods and friends.  This lack of having a faith-based transitional home in a different geograhic locale, has been the need that this group of committed men and women are now trying to change. 


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Please call us at: (866) 916-7374 or fill out our contact form.


Bridges of Hope

205 South BC Avenue

Suite 109

Lynden, WA  98264

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We are continuing our Community Support Campaign!  For more information, please contact us.

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